The Opioid Epidemic

The MCSS has been approached by Mr. Keith Ludden who does oral histories and folklife research with a proposal to do an oral history on the current opioid epidemic. He is curious to know if social studies teachers in Maine would and could make use of this research. Thus, for this blog we are asking the social studies teachers of Maine the following;


If an oral history project focusing on opioid abuse were conducted and made available to you in the form of interview   transcripts, images and podcasts, would you use it? If not,why not?  Would the nature of the material or the topic itself be a barrier to use in the classroom? What would make the   project useful to you?


Thank you for your participation and commentary on this very important issue facing our nation, state and local community. Please, click on the subject to leave your comments and questions.

Patriots Day Blog

On April 16, 2018, the United States celebrates the 243rd anniversary of the famous "shot heard around the world" as the War of Independence began on the fateful morning of April 19, 1775.

Many American citizens outside of New England do not celebrate or even know the origins of Patriots Day. In your classroom instruction how do you celebrate elucidate this seminal event in American history. Unfortunately, here in Maine most schools are off for their spring break we the day is celebrated but this should still not diminish the importance that this day recognizes in the birth of our country.

What resources (movies, books, articles, etc.) do you use to help your students bring meaning and life to this event? Please, click the titled to add a comment.